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Threats and Opportunities of Digital Business Transformation

According to different researches, the percentage of successful digital business transformations with realized planned business effects is very low, less than 20%. Scary information! We can do better?!

How to increase business agility in the new reality

Can an organization become resilient to rapidly changing business conditions to more easily survive “COVID” events? What “vaccine” should we develop to even become immune to them? How to increase business agility?

Digital economy - Where There's Smoke, There's Fire

Winning enterprises understand that they cannot remain competitive in a digital economy unless they position their digital business in the forefront of their competitiveness.

What does digital business really mean and why are digital technologies important

Finding new clients is proving to be more and more difficult. No matter how much we invest into marketing, there’s always a competitor who’s one step ahead of us.

Modern CEOs and digital strategy

Modern Digital CEOs are not defined by their use of digital aids, their understanding of the power of digital technology or the employment of a Chief Digital Officer. Modern Digital CEOs are defined by sensing the conditions of the new digital economy and leading organizational changes to create the new competitive advantage by developing the digital capabilities of their organizations.

What I learned from Chicago blues about Customer vs User eXperience

I’ve just waked up this morning in Chicago. No no, that is not a beginning of my blues song. But actually, it might be.