Second opinion about your digital initiatives

Second opinion – how to achieve better results with digital initiatives

We are all very aware that a second opinion is critical when it comes to our health. When it comes to essential health decisions, we will always do our best to find the very best specialist to give us a second opinion. The “second opinion” is also used in complicated legal issues and important financial decisions when we need an additional piece of mind.


What about “a second opinion” for digital initiatives?

Usually, this service has not been available for digital initiatives, even though the following important factors are involved:

  • Business development activities that will have an important impact on the future business health of organizations;
  • Important financial implications since lots of financial and other resources of the organization are invested, and organizations count on gaining financial and other benefits with a high ROI;
  • A great deal of complexity and a high risk of unsuccessful implementation, as evidenced by international research and implementation practices.


When do I need a second opinion?

We strongly suggest you get a second opinion in the following situations:

  • If you would like an overview of your digital strategy;
  • If you would like to measure whether you are suitably prepared for a digital business transformation;
  • When you prepared a draft of content and business plan for the digital initiatives;
  • When you prepared a specific digital project;
  • If you are deciding between different consultants or contractors for your digital transformation/projects;
  • If you would like to minimize the risk of an unsuccessful implementation;
  • If you would like to improve the ROI of digital projects;
  • When you have run into trouble while executing the digital transformation/projects;
  • When you would like an independent assessment of the results of a completed digital transformation or digital project;
  • If you would like to check whether your invitation for digital project tenders is suitably prepared.


There is definitely a well defined need for this service!

If would therefore be desirable and useful for any prudent organization/company to get a second opinion, regardless of their size and industry. This decision will benefit all the stakeholders and it does not stem from the lack of trust in the human resources within the organization or in the selected third-party consultants or contractors.

It is not enough that the second opinion is professional, it must also encourage interpersonal connections, cooperation and co-creation to provide as many business benefits and added value as possible.


We only charge for our services when we manage to provide added value.

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What proves our high degree of professionalism?

    Askit has dealt with digital transformations since 2013 when we mapped one of the first customer journeys in Slovenia for a medium-sized service company. The first reference among major companies was Petrol d.d. in 2015, followed by a range of other projects in small and medium-sized companies following the growth of digital business practices all across Slovenia.

    Digital strategies for business leading the next-generation enterprise (2019), Certificate of excellence - Digital business transformation management (2018); BCS Foundation Certificate in Business Change (2014).

    For the creation of digital strategies since the catalog launch in 2018.

    We expand our international expertise and digital concepts by working with The International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA), Business Agility Institute (BAI), Agile Alliance, IIBA Slovenia, Digital42, and other independent professional organizations.



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