About us

Why Askit

We reach beyond conventional consulting and education frameworks by using a systematic approach to your business challenges and opportunities. We co-create comprehensive solutions with added value together with the stakeholders of your business ecosystems to achieve measurable business effects for your organization.



What Askit does

Our comprehensive digital business solutions contain the right combination of:

  • following trends and needs of stakeholders within your business ecosystem;

  • achieving conformance and integration of the business and digital strategies;

  • establishing connections between your strategic orientation, business models and business goals;

  • achieving balance between processes, the customer experience, and their cost-effectiveness;

  • ensuring competence of human resources;

  • using the potentials of digital technologies.





What makes Askit different

We do everything for the benefit of our customers and their buyers even if that involves recommending our competitors or including them in the common solution. We are aware that synergetic added value can only be achieved by establishing connections individuals with different competencies and experiences.


Aleš Štempihar



 +386 41 639 007


How to contact us

You can send any messages and/or questions to